Take home quiz #5 Part 2: Fusion Table Campaign Donation Map

Due Wed, Nov. 30. Worth 15 points

For this exercise, you will use Fusion Tables.

You need a non-Rowan Gmail account to do the following.

You will share your map with me via email feature in Fusion Tables.

You might want to review Intro to Making Maps with Googles My Maps and Fusion Tables

Click here and skim through how John Keefe did this. The point is to get the key concepts.

Log into your non-Rowan Google Drive.

Open http://bit.ly/UP7ota, then File menu > Download as > Comma Separated Values .csv) Save it to your Desktop. Rename it Liu contribs.csv

This is the file of contributions to candidate John Liu with three columns: Zip code, Amount and Count.

Go to https://fusiontables.google.com/

Click on Create a Fusion Table

Make a new Fusion Table – New > Google Fusion Table
Choose File > From this Computer
Click on Liu contribs.csv and click Open
Next > Next Finish
You now have a table called Liu contribs

Now you are going to merge it with a file of zip code shapes.

File menu > Merge
Merge: Select a table
Click on this URL http://bit.ly/TTsiLY
Copy the URL from your browser.
Paste into field where it says “Or paste a web address here”
Click Next

Merge: Confirm source of match > Left side should say ZIP and the right side should say geometry (this is the SHP/KML stuff)

It should look like this 


Click on pull down menu for geometry and select ZCTA5CE10. This is the column that contains the shape of the zip code.

It should look like this 

Click Next.
Don’t change anything.
Click Merge.

Merged table created > View table

It should create a merged file that looks like this


Changing the colors to indicate the amount of money donated
Here’s where you get to use the buckets
Click on “Map of…geometry” tab >
Zoom in on NYC

Click on Change info window… button
Make sure you are in the Automatic tab at top of box. Keep check marks in boxes for ZIP, AMOUNT, COUNT. Uncheck all others.

It should look like this 


Click on Custom tab at top of box. In the line for amount add a $ between the and {AMOUNT} so that the line reads: AMOUNT: ${AMOUNT}

Click Save

Click on Change featured styles…button

Polygon > Fill color > Buckets

Click button next to Divide and select 5 buckets.

From Column pull down menu, select Amount

Make the first box 1.00 to $7000. Click on the color palette and set it to no color: opacity 0%.

Each following box should increase by $7000. Click on the color palette for each and choose a color that increases with each step. You want the lightest shades to be the least amount of money and the darkest to be the most money.

It should look like this


Click Save

Click on “Map of…geometry” tab
Zoom in on Queens. That is where John Liu is from.

Your map should look like this


Click on the title at the top. It will be called Merge of Liu contribs and tl_2010_36_zcta510.shp. Change name to Your Name Campaign $ Heat Map
Click Save

Share it with me.

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