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Week 9 – Tues., Oct. 30 and Thurs., Nov. 1

Data Journalism “Pick of the Week” – Mapping New Jersey’s Pending Deportations (Route 40) In Class: -Get access -Change in schedule for the week – (What a deal!) -Reviewing your charts and best practices for pie, bar and line graphs … Continue reading

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Enterprise Story Structure

Here is how you should structure and format your Enterprise Story…

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Week 8 – Tues., Oct. 23 and Thurs., Oct. 25

Data Journalism Pick of the Week: Ranking the Top 100 players for 2018-2019 NBA season (Washington Post) In Class: –Quiz #3 review and midterm status –Inverted Pyramid of Data Journalism (revisited) –Intro to Cleaning Data –Key concepts of data visualization –Data … Continue reading

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Chart exercise practice – Due Tues, Oct 30

Create three basic charts over the weekend. Bring them to class with you on Tuesday. We’ll look at them and discuss. Using the 2017 Clery report numbers in this Google Sheet 1. Create a pie chart the shows composition of … Continue reading

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Week 7 – Tues., Oct. 16 and Thurs., Oct. 18

In Class: -Pick of the Week – ProPublica‘s Election Data Projects ElectionLand Election DataBot ProPublica Represent -Massari take-aways -Finish up In-class Excel Activity with Florida Arrest Data due for Tuesday, Oct. 16. –Rowan Safety Group Enterprise Story overview -Story idea brainstorming -Hard … Continue reading

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Hard News vs. Enterprise Story Assignments

–Rowan Safety Group Enterprise Story assignment

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Rowan Safety Group Enterprise Story due Nov. 6 at start of class

Worth 50 points Story pitch due by Friday, Oct. 19 by email. Article due Thursday, Nov. 1 Tuesday, Nov. 6 at start of class (10 points off for late work) Each team will post their article to It’s a private site that … Continue reading

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