Revised Schedule for Rest of Fall 18 Semester

Note: Quiz and Assignment Deadlines are in bold

Week 12 – Tues., Nov. 20

In Class:
-Final Project Overview


Week 13 – Tues., Nov. 27 and Thurs., Nov. 29

In Class:
-Final project pitch due Tues, Nov. 27 (Worth 10 points)
-Final project work days

Week 14 – Tues., Dec. 4 and Thurs., Dec. 6

In Class:
-Final project outline due Dec. 4 (Worth 10 points)
-Quiz #4 on Thurs., Dec 6 (Worth 30 points)

Week 15 – Tues., Dec. 11

In Class:
-Final project First Draft due Tues., Dec. 11 (Worth 25 points)

Final Exam – Thursday, Dec. 20 – 10:15am-12:15pm
-Final Project Final Draft due (Worth 60 points)
-Class Presentation (Worth 5 points)

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