Final Project – Step 2: Outline due Dec. 6

Due Tuesday, Dec. 4 at end of class Thurs, Dec. 6 at the start of class

Worth 10 points

Once you have a solid pitch, you want to start digging into your data. You may need to scrape, clean, do calculations, etc. Once you have completed this, post an update under your initial pitch. This will serve as the outline for the next step in your project.

Your outline must have the following five (5) elements:

1. Upload and Excel spreadsheet or link to a Google sheet of the data you are using.

2. Define any terms that are key to your story. For example, if you are looking at “high student loan debt of Rowan,” then you have to define what you mean by “high.”  Experts who analyze student loans say that $25,000 in total debt is manageable for a career that starts at around $40,000 a year; if someone owes more or expects to make less, than they run the risk of default.

3. Explain the initial findings of your data analysis. These will be answers to some of the questions you posed in your initial story pitch.

4. Provide a rough sketch of how you plan to visualize at least one of your findings.

5. Give me a list of possible sources (at least three) you are going to try to contact for quotes.

Add it to the bottom of your story pitch post on

It should look something like this

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