Final Project – Step 3: First Draft due Dec. 11

Due Tues., Dec. 11 at end of class

Worth 25 points

Write as complete a version of your article as you can. And post as much of your visualizations as possible. Post it to

Project requirements:

1. Written article (approx. 750-1,000 words) will consist of:

  • Compelling, descriptive headline that uses key words
  • Byline
  • An image that pulls reader into the story (If you don’t take it yourself it must be Creative Commons)
  • Strong lead that starts with a real person and real events.
  • Nutgraph that states story angle. What is your story?
  • Cosmic graph – a sentence or two that puts your story in a larger context. Why should reader care?
  • Methodology – A sentence or two that tells reader how you got your data.
  • Organized story structure with key findings. Follow this structure for your article.
  • Quotes from at least three (3) sources will something relevant and compelling to say
  • Clean copy – no grammar or spelling errors
  • A link to a spreadsheet of your data

2. Visualization(s) that convey your information and your story visually

Some possible formats include:


Example: You know enough to do of the graphs or charts on Flourish.


Example: You can put together a series of graphs and graphs into an infographic using Info.gram

Photos or Images

Example: You can do before and after with comparisons with Juxtapose or a visual history using Timeline.


Example: Bust out some legos, download the app StopMotion, and make a GIF.


Example: You know to make maps with points or shapes using Google My MapsFusion Tables or Flourish.

Short video

Example: See How the NJ 911 service fee gets divided ( and Women’s Marches Around the World (Penisula Press)

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