Student work will be assessed through class participation and a series of in-class activities, take-home assignments, and a final project.

Attendance and Participation (25 points)
Points are earned only if students arrive on time and attend and participate fully in the class. Each student receives two “free passes” during the semester. Beginning with the third instance, points will be deducted for absence, arriving late, leaving early, or failing to participate in class. Students who miss class are responsible for all material covered in that class and must meet all deadlines related to that material. Excused absences include religious observances, documented illness, death of family or loved-one and pre-approved school-related activities. Students must provide official written documentation for an excused absence. Attendance/participation is worth 10 percent of final grade. 

Quizzes and Take-Home Assignments (150 135 points)
There will be a series of quizzes and take-home assignments that cover material from lectures, reading and in-class course work.

Final Project (75 90 points)
In the final weeks of the course, students will produce a piece of originally reported data journalism that demonstrates the skills learned. It will consist of multiple steps; each one will be graded. All assignments must be completed and turned in on time. No late work will be accepted.


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