Course Overview

Data Journalism – 24286 – JRN 02363 – 1
Monday and Wednesday 11:00 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.
301 High Street Room 215

Download a pdf of the full syllabus here.

This course is an introduction to the collection, analysis, and presentation of data by journalists for the purpose of engaging and informing the public.

In this course, students will:

  • Explore key data journalism concepts and skills.
  • Gain insight into how data journalism is practiced in newsrooms.
  • Learn how to obtain data sets through newswires, strategic searching, FOIA and scraping.
  • Review newsroom math and statistics.
  • Learn techniques for sorting, filtering and cleaning data sets.
  • Think critically about the limitations of datasets and learn to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of data.
  • Pitch and write news stories using data and statistics.
  • Create basic infographics and visualizations.

The course is comprised of brief lectures, readings, in-class assignments, quizzes, a group project and a substantial final project. I will conduct the course as a group facilitator and editor. Students will learn much of the content through practical, hands-on work. The course is dependent on students’ attendance, participation, curiosity, work ethic and teamwork.

Your academic success is important. If you have a documented disability that may have an impact upon your work in this class, please contact me at the beginning of the semester. Students must provide documentation of their disability to the Academic Success Center in order to receive official University services and accommodations. The Academic Success Center can be reached at 856-256-4234. The Center is located on the 3rd floor of Savitz Hall. The staff is available to answer questions regarding accommodations or assist you in your pursuit of accommodations.

I welcome conversations with students outside of class. My regular office hours at 6 High Street are Monday to Thursday from 12:30-2pm. I may also be available other times as well. If you would like to make an appointment, email me.

I regularly email students between classes with updates on assignments, grades, and responses to your work. Please check your email throughout the week.

We will often use the computers for in-class assignments. When we do use them, please refrain from unrelated multi-tasking that may distract you, your classmates and me. Please silence your mobile device before class begins and give your full attention to the course work. I will do the same.


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