All lecture notes, assignments, articles and tutorials will be posted on the class blog Students should bookmark it or subscribe to its RSS feed and read it regularly.

Students are expected to complete all readings before the assigned classes, come with thoughtful questions and comments, and participate fully in all class discussions and activities.

We will use three primary texts:

1. The Data Journalism Handbook 1 & 2
Edited by Jonathan Gray and Lilana Bounegru
This is the basic text for the course. It is available as a free download at and

2. The Associated Press Stylebook by Norm Goldstein (editor)
All writing for this course must follow AP style. Every journalism student needs this book. Buy it and use it. New and used copies are available in the Rowan bookstore,, and other locations. You should be able to find a copy for between $10-$20.

3. A series of web articles and examples of data journalism will be assigned reading. Links to these readings will be posted on

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