Process of Data Journalism
Inverted Pyramid of Data Journalism

Finding data sets
Finding data sources
Tips and Tools for Smarter Searching
Advanced Search tutorial (Google News Labs)
Interviewing data: Questions to ask of your data
Intro to FOIA
Everything you need to know about FOIA (Washington Post)
Don’t Be Duped by Data: 10 Things to Question in Your Data Set

Data File Types
Common Data File Types

Excel and Spreadsheets
How to Import Excel into Google Sheets
Basic Excel Crib Sheet
Excel Tips – Part 1: Format, sort, filter, total
Excel Tips – Part 2: Math formulas and functions
Interviewing data with Excel
Intro to pivot tables in Excel
Pivot Table/Reporting Exercise

Newsroom Math
Basic newsroom math and statistics
Statistics Every Writer Should Know
Newsroom Math crib sheet (pdf)
Tips for Writing with Numbers
Tips and resources for Journalists working with math and statistics (Journalist’s Resource)

Common Data File Types
Intro to scraping using Google Sheets
How to Scrape PDF Table Using Tabula

Scraping Tools
OutWit Hub
Chrome extension Scraper
Tabula (scraping pdfs)
If This Then That

Cleaning (Beginner)
Intro to Data Cleaning for Journalism Students
In-Class Exercise: Data Cleaning with Excel
Basic Excel Formulas for Cleaning
Top 10 ways to clean your data in Excel
Intro to cleaning data (UC Berkeley School of Journalism)

Cleaning (Advanced)
Open Refine
Open Refine tutorials

Visualization 101 (Visage + Hubspot)
Key concepts of data visualization
Charts and Graph Thought-Starter

Chart, Graph and Infographic Tools
Intro to out-of-box Infographic Makers
Google Sheets
Google charts – this is a more robust version of Google Sheets (See chart gallery)
Tableau Public
Storyline JS

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