The following schedule is a guide for the semester. Specific assignments and dates are subject to change. Check the home page of the class blog for updates.

Week 1 – Tues., Sept. 5 and Thurs., Sept. 7

In Class:
Course overview
-Download a pdf of the full syllabus here
Let’s start with Harvey
Lecture: What is Data Journalism?
Your Data Journalism Examples Discussion
Inverted pyramid of data journalism
Lecture: 10 common sources of data


For Thursday (Sept. 7), do this. Explore, post and come ready to discuss an example of data journalism.

For next week:
-Read What Is Data Journalism? (DJH)
-Read DJH – Why Journalists Should Use Data
-Read DJH – Why is Data Journalism Important?
-Complete Advanced Search tutorial (Google News Labs, 7 min.)

Week 2 –Tues., Sept. 12 and Thurs., Sept. 14

In Class:
New Jersey data scavenger hunt
Tips for writing with numbers
Basic newsroom math and statistics

-Complete Advanced Search tutorial (Google News Labs, 7 min.)
-Complete Public Data Explorer tutorial (Google News Labs, 6 min.)
-Read through and click on definitions in Statistics Every Writer Should Know and familiarize yourself with Newsroom Math crib sheet (pdf)
-Read DJH – Tips for Working with Numbers in the News
-Stephen Stirling will be our guest speaker on Tuesday, Sept 19. Check out Stephen Stirling’s LinkedIn profile and Twitter feed and read assigned articles.

Week 3 – Tues., Sept. 19 and Thurs., Sept. 21

In Class:
-Guest Speaker: Stephen Stirling, on Sept. 19
-Quiz #1 on Thurs, Sept 21
Intro to FOIA

-Read DJH – Five Minute Field Guide
-Read DJH – Your Right to Data
-Check out

Week 4 – Tues., Sept. 26 and Thurs., Sept. 28

In Class:
Common Data File Types
–Intro to scraping
Interviewing data
Lecture: Intro to Cleaning Data
Four Common Ways to Clean Data in Excel
Example: Interviewing and cleaning data

-Read DJH Become Data Literate in 3 Simple Steps
-Read DJH Basic Steps in Working with Data

Week 5 – Tues., Oct. 3 

In Class:
Excel Tips – Part 1  (Use Fake NJ Crime Stats spreadsheet)
Excel Tips – Part 2: Math formulas and functions

NO CLASS on Oct. 5. I will be at Online News Association Conference. Use time to practice with Excel on your own for next quiz.

Week 6 – Tues., Oct. 10 and Thurs., Oct 12

In Class:
-Excel Practice Quiz
-Guest Speaker, Elinor Comlay, Route 40 on Thurs., Oct 12

-Read Elinor Comlay’s assigned articles.
-Continue to review Excel for quiz

Week 7 – Tues., Oct 17 and Thurs., Oct 19

In Class:
-Quiz #2 on Thurs, Oct 17
Intro to Pivot Tables
-Pivot Table exercise
-Clery Report assignment overview

-Read Which Philly Area College Campus is the Safest? (BillyPenn)
-“Critically skim” the 2016 Rowan University Annual Security and Fire Safety Report for what seems important.

Week 8 – Tues., Oct. 24 and Thurs., Oct 26

In Class:
Distrust your data: 10 tips to keep you from being duped
How to spot visualization lies
–Guest speaker: Ronald Massari, Associate Director for Clery Compliance, Rowan University Department of Public Safety
-Clery Report group assignments

-Complete Making Your Own Google Survey tutorial (Google News Lab, 7 min)
-Work on Clery Report assignments (continued)

Week 9 – Tues., Oct. 31 and Thurs., Nov. 2
In Class:
Key concepts of data visualization
Out-of-the-box infographic makers
-Intro to Making Maps with Googles My Maps and Fusion Tables

-Complete Google Fusion Table tutorial (Google News Lab, 10 min)
-Work on Clery Report groups and assignments (continued)

Week 10 – Tues., Nov. 7 and Thurs., Nov. 9

In Class:
-Quiz #3
-Clery Report story pitch and work

-Work on Clery Report story

Week 11 – Tues., Nov 14 and Thurs., Nov. 16

In Class:
Clery Report story due
-Final project overview

-Work on final project data plan

Week 12 – Tues., Nov. 21

In Class:
-Final project workday

-Data plan due before you leave for break
-Happy Thanksgiving

Week 13 – Tues., Nov. 28 and Thurs., Nov. 30

In Class:
-Final project workdays

Outline and storyboarding due

Week 14 – Tues., Dec. 5 and Thurs., Dec. 7
In Class:
-Final Project workdays

-First draft of Final Project due

Week 15 – Tues., Dec. 12
-Final Project due

FINALS WEEK – Dec. 14-20
-TBA – Final project presentations


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