CLASS SCHEDULE – Spring 2018

The following schedule is a guide for the semester. Specific assignments and dates are subject to change. Check the home page of the class blog for updates.

Week 1 – Wed., Jan. 17

In Class:
Course overview
–What is data journalism? Let’s start with examples
Lecture: What is Data Journalism?

-Read DJH – What Is Data Journalism?
-Read DJH – Why Journalists Should Use Data
-Read DJH – Why is Data Journalism Important?
-For Mon., Jan 22, explore and bring an example of data journalism to discuss

Week 2 – Mon., Jan. 22 and Wed., Jan. 24

In Class:
-Your data journalism examples
Inverted pyramid of data journalism
Lecture: 10 common sources of data
Tools and Tips for Smarter Searching

-Read DJH – Five Minute Field Guide
-Complete Advanced Search tutorial (Google News Labs, 7 min.)
Complete the NJ Scavenger Hunt – Due Jan 29

Week 3 – Mon., Jan. 29 and Wed., Jan. 31

In Class:
-NJ Scavenger Hunt review
Intro to FOIA
Intro to scraping
Common Data File Types

-Read DJH – Your Right to Data
-Read DJH – Five Minute Field Guide
-Complete Quiz #1 (Take Home)Due at start of class on Mon, Feb. 5. No late work accepted.
-Review Weeks 1, 2 and 3 for Quiz #2 (it will be open Internet/book) on Wed., Feb. 7

Week 4 – Mon., Feb. 5 and Wed., Feb 7

In Class:
Interviewing data
Lecture: Intro to Cleaning Data
Four Common Ways to Clean Data in Excel
Example: Interviewing and cleaning data

-Read DJH Become Data Literate in 3 Simple Steps
-Read DJH Basic Steps in Working with Data

Week 5 – Mon., Feb. 12 and Wed., Feb. 14

In Class:
Basic newsroom math and statistics
Excel Tips – Part 1 

Complete the take-home math for journalists practice quiz using:
Basic newsroom math and statistics
-Statistics Every Writer Should Know
-Newsroom Math crib sheet (pdf)
-Practice Excel Tips 1 on your own until you are comfortable and confident

Week 6 – Mon., Feb. 19 and Wed., Feb. 21

In Class:
Excel Tips – Part 2: Math formulas and functions
–Intro to Pivot Tables

-Excel Practice Quiz

Week 7 – Mon., Feb. 26 and Wed., Feb. 28

In Class:
-Writing with Numbers
-RU Safety Story #1 intro

-Quiz #3 on Math and Excel

Week 8 – Mon., March 5 and Wed., March 7

In Class and Assignment:
-RU Safety Story #1 Due before you leave for Spring Break

Spring Break – March 12-16

Week 9  – Mon., March 19 and Wed., March 21

In Class:
–RU Safety Story #2 intro
Key concepts of data visualization
Charts and Graph Thought-Starters
In-class Activity: Getting started with charts and graphics
Intro to out-of-box Infographic Makers

-RU Safety Story #1 rewrite due (optional)
Chart maker take-home Quiz #4
-Work on RU Safety Story #2

Week 10 – Mon., March 26 and Wed., March 28

In Class:
Making Maps with Google My Maps and Fusion Tables
Making a Shape Map with Google Fusion Tables

-Work on RU Safety Story #2

Week 11 – Mon., April 2 and Wed., April 4

In Class:
RU Safety Story #2 due
-Final project overview

-Work on final project

Week 12 – Mon., April 9 and Wed., April 11

In Class:
-Final project workday

-Work on final project

Week 14 – Mon., April 23 and Wed., April 25

In Class:
-Quiz #5
-Final project workdays

-Final Project First Draft due

Final Exam Week – April 30-May 5 – TBA

-TBA – Final project presentations – TBA
-Final Project Final Draft due – TBA


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