CLASS SCHEDULE – Spring 2019

The following schedule is a guide for the semester. Specific assignments and dates are subject to change. Check the home page of the class website for updates.

What is Data Journalism?

Week 1 – Tues., Jan. 22 and Thurs., Jan. 24

Course overview and syllabus review
Lecture: What is Data Journalism?
-For Thurs., Jan 24 explore and bring an example of data journalism to discuss. 
-Discussion: Your data journalism examples
– Inverted Pyramid of Data Journalism

Finding and Compiling data

Week 2 – Tues., Jan. 29 and Thurs., Jan. 30

Common Data File Types
Lecture: 10 common sources of data
Tools and Tips for Smarter Searching
Intro to Scraping using Google Sheets
How to Scrape PDF Table Using Tabula
Intro to FOIA

-Take-home Assignment #1 due Feb. 5

Newsroom Math and Statistics

Week 3 – Tues., Feb. 5 and Thurs., Feb. 7

In Class:
-Basic newsroom math and statistics
-Statistics Every Writer Should Know
-Newsroom Math crib sheet (pdf)
Tips and resources for Journalists working with math and statistics (Journalist’s Resource)

-Take-home Assignment #2 due Feb. 12

Writing with Numbers

Week 4 – Tues., Feb. 12 and Thurs., Feb. 14

-Tips for Writing with Numbers

-Take-home Assignment #3 due Feb. 19

Doing Journalism with Spreadsheets

Week 5 – Tues., Feb. 19 and Thurs., Feb. 21

-Interviewing data with Excel
-How to Import Excel into Google Sheets
-Excel Tips – Part 1: Format, sort, filter, total
-Excel Tips – Part 2: Math formulas and functions

Week 6 – Tues., Feb. 26 and Thurs., Feb. 28

-Spreadsheet Review
Intro to Pivot Tables

Week 7 – Tues., March 5
-Spreadsheet review
-NO CLASS on Thur., March 7 – Take-home Assignment #4 due 

Cleaning Data

Week 8 – Tues., March 12 and Thurs., March 14

-Intro to Cleaning Data
-4 common ways to clean data in Excel
-10 more ways to clean your data in Excel
-Intro to cleaning data (UC Berkeley School of Journalism)


Data Visualization

Week 9  – Tues., March 26 and Thurs., March 28

-Visualization 101 (Visage + Hubspot)
-Key concepts of data visualization
-Charts and Graph Thought-Starter

Week 10 – Tues., April 2 and Thurs., April 4

-Charts, Graphs and Maps

Week 11 – Tues., April 9 and Thurs., April 11

-Charts, Graphs and Maps (continued)

-Take-home Assignment #5 due April 16

Putting It All Together

Week 12 – Tues., April 16 and Thurs., April 18

-Final Project Overview

Week 13 – Tues., April 23 and Thurs., April 25

-Final Project Outline Due – April 25

Week 14 – Tues., April 30 and Thurs., May 2

-Final Project First Draft Due – May 2

Final Exam Week

-Final Project Final Draft due – Tuesday, May 7 at 10:15am
-Class Presentation – Tuesday, May 7 at 10:15am

University-wide Commencement – Sat., May 11 at 5pm
CCCA Commencement – Wed., May 15 at 10am

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