Final Week

Due Tuesday, Dec. 19 @ 12:15pm – Final Project (Worth 70 points) at 12:15pm

Post it to

Final written article (approx. 750-1250 words) will consist of:

  • Compelling, descriptive headline that uses key words
  • An image that pulls reader into the story (If you don’t take it yourself it must be Creative Commons)
  • Strong lead that starts with a real person and real events.
  • Nutgraph that states story angle. What is your story?
  • Cosmic graph – a sentence or two that puts your story in a larger context. Why should reader care?
  • Methodology – A sentence or two that tells reader how you got your data.
  • Organized story structure with key findings
  • Quotes from at least three (3) sources will something relevant and compelling to say
  • At least one chart, graph or visualization that supports the story
  • Clean copy – no grammar or spelling errors
  • Hyperlinks to additional information
  • A spreadsheet of data

See all the of the instructions and requirements.

It should follow this story structure.

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Week 14 – Tues., Dec. 5 and Thurs., Dec. 7

In Class:
Course Evaluation
Story structure for your final project
-Working on Final Project
-In class on Thursday, Dec. 7 – Quiz #4 consists of 20 terms and definitions (matching) that we covered over the course of the semester. If you want to review, go through the Resource page.

Outline and Storyboard due on Friday, Dec. 8 at noon (Worth 5 points)

Next week:
-First Draft of article – Due Tuesday, Dec. 12 (Worth 15 points) Students will write and post a full draft of the article. I will review it and offer suggested revisions. Post it to See Final Project for specific elements.

First Draft Presentation – Due Tuesday, Dec. 12 (Worth 5 points) Students will make a brief present their final project to classmates during the final day of class.

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Final Project Presentation – Tues, Dec. 12

Each person will give a presentation of the first draft of their final project. Worth 5 points toward final project grade.

Prepare four points (4 minutes max):

  • What is the main question you are setting out to answer in your story?
  • What is your methodology? What data are you using to try to answer the question?
  • What are your key findings?
  • What is the main challenge you face in completing your article?
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Course Evaluation

Please take a few minutes to fill out the course evaluation for Data Journalism.

1. Go to

2. Click “Access Banner Services – Secure Area – login Required.”

3. Enter User ID and PIN.

4. Click “Personal Information.”

5. Click “Answer a Survey.”

6. Click on the student evaluations for Data Journalism

7. Complete the student evaluation.

The response are compiled and delivered in one report. All responses are anonymous. I do not receive course evaluation until all final grades are submitted.

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Note: Correction on Story Pitch Grades

On Friday, I accidentally sent out grades on the Final Project Story Pitch based on 10 points. However, the assignment is worth 5 points. I will recalculate each grade at the same percentage and email them to you.

For example,  if you received a grade of 8 out 10 (80%), I will change it to 4 out of 5 (80%).

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Outline and Storyboard due on Friday, Dec. 8

Due noon on Friday, Dec. 8

Worth 5 points. No late work accepted.

Give an update on your final project. You must have the following elements:

  1. Link to a Google sheet of the data you are using (make sure it is public so I can see it)
  2. Explain your key findings of your data analysis. These will be answers to some of the questions you posed in your story pitch
  3. Provide a rough sketch of how you plan to visualize at least one of your findings

Add it to the bottom of your story pitch post on

It should look something like this

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Week 13 – Tues., Nov. 28 and Thurs., Nov. 30

In Class:
-Response to RU Group Crime Story at
What’s done vs. What’s left
Final Project overview
Inverted Pyramid of Data Journalism
Resources for your Final Project

Final Project Story Pitch and Data Plan due Friday, Dec. 1 at Noon

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